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Benaiah Barango

Oct 8, 2022

Patience is a key virtue, but not one to expect from your website visitors. On average, a user leaves a website if it doesn't load within 3-5s (read more here). In other words, you could be losing customers (revenue) by having a slow website.

Here are 2 common culprits that could be slowing down your website, and how you can remedy them:

  1. Large images: This is one of the easiest pitfalls to get into when building your website. You’ve taken amazing pictures on your next-gen smart device or with a top-of-the line camera, and you add them to your website builder (or code) without checking the file size. On average, the file size of an image from your phone is about ~2.5MB, which (roughly speaking) is at least 2MBs too big to throw on a web page. Here’s what you can do to use your amazing image on your website without slowing it down:
    • Use tools like to compress the image size while maintaining the quality. More often than not, you’d get a 70 - 90% reduction in size. A more aggressive approach will be converting the file to .jpg format (Note: this approach will likely drop the image quality)
    • Lazy-load images on your website. Simply put, we don’t have to wait to load ALL the images on a page before showing content to the user. Lazy loading an image means fetching that image when the user scrolls to the image.
  2. Bulky 3rd-party scripts: Google analytics, promo ads, etc . Make sure to add a defer attribute to script tags so they don't slow down page load.

There are automated tools now that can analyze your website and show you how fast/slow it is and what needs to be fixed. Some examples are:

We hope you enjoy a faster web experience!


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